Last night, I was leading family devotions, and we were studying Psalm 23. I believe nearly everyone is familiar with this and many Christians could quote it in their sleep. we had gotten through the valley of the shadow of death, when I stumbled across this verse:


“Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine Enemies…”

Of course, I had read this verse numerous times before; but the meaning of it never struck me before.

Think of it…

The Psalmist in an earlier verse spoke of how he doesn’t have fear, because he trusts God. This verse, however, shows how much he trusts God; it also shows how much We should trust Him. Let me illustrate this for you:

Imagine an Epic, Raging, Final Armageddon-like battle taking place around you. Enemies surround you on every side and they are Hell-bent on your destruction. Arrows are zwipping by you. Everybody is hacking at each other with swords. blood is flying everywhere. death is in the air. And where are you amidst all of this chaos? You sitting at a table on the front line, Feasting on the finest meat and drink imaginable. You sit at the table prepared by the Lord, and you are not afraid. sounds crazy, right? It might be, if you didn’t trust God to protect you.

This is where it gets cool. We have a God that is limitless. He has the power to do anything and everything. Christ states in the Gospels that “…With God all things are possible.” That’s not a joke. The scripture doesn’t say that God can do a few things or that He can do some things. Jesus said “All Things”. Whatever you can think of he can do. After all, He created the universe. Is there anything to hard then for our God? of course not! And that is probably the most profound thing you might possible think of or try to comprehend outside of salvation. However, not only is he all-powerful, but He also loves us with a love that is so beyond our comprehension that it’s really hard to find a word that accurately describes it. The translators of the Authorized King James Version had the same problem when they came to John 3:16. They debated and discussed for a long time on how to describe the vastness of God’s love for us. they finall decided one tiny one-syllable word: “so“.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

John 3:16

God loved us so much that he was willing to send his Only Begotten Son to die for us so that we may be delivered from sin. now take those two aspects together. if He is Loving, and He is Limitless then you can bet that He will protect us, and that he is more than capable of keeping us from all things evil.

Therefore, if the LORD is able to keep us from all evil, then why should we be afraid when trouble comes? let us instead trust in Him, and in the Power of his might; for he is able to deliver us from trouble, and he is able to overpower all the legions of Hell. Let us pray then that we may be like David and not be afraid. Ask God that you may rather have peace, even as the battle is raging around you.

Psalm 27:1,14 sums it up perfectly,

The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?


Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.

Psalm 27:1, 14.


Reader, If you are in a situation that causes you fear, or if you are afraid that you are not saved and are on your way to Hell, please pray for God to save you. He is Able to deliver you, and he is most definitely willing to save you from sin…

“The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”

~II Peter 3:9~

Or from trouble:

“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”

~Jeremiah 33:3~

Come now, don’t wait. Come and experience the peace and protection that God provides.



May His Word not return void. Amen.



“Amazing Grace,
how sweet the sound,

that saved a Wretch like me.

I once was lost,

but now am found,

   was blind but now I see”.   


Hey, my name’s Colin. Most of you reading this already know me and know that I got saved my sophomore year of College. However, not many know the journey of how I got to that point. I know that everybody has places to go, Facebooks to see, so I’ll endevour to be brief and to the point. My journey to redemption began when I was about four and a half years old. were living in Alexandria, Pennsylvania and my Mom was running a daycare at the time. anyway, one of the kids was asking questions of my Mom about God and he ended up praying for Jesus to come into his heart. Me being the Kid who always wanted to get in on the act, I ended up praying too. But something was missing…. looking back I realize I didn’t really understand salvation at all as a kid, though I didn’t understand that back then. I thought I truly was saved. I had no true peace though. I never felt as if I knew for sure. The times that I went to the altar for salvation became to numerous to count accurately.

Time passed… We moved, Found another church. Still I had no peace. Eventually, as I was nearing pre-teens, I concluded in my heart that if there was a God (and that was a Big IF) then he wasn’t really concerned with a peon like me. I came to think of God as a Master Clockmaker of sorts. He made the Universe, set it in motion, and then from time to time when something fell out of time or needed an adjustment He intervened and got His Big Cosmic Clock back on track, but otherwise it just sat there on the mantle running independent of its Creator. I never told anybody about the troubled thoughts that ran through my head. I was saved, for crying out loud! I was going to church! I was in Sunday School! I went on visitation! what would my Mom think? what would my pastor think? more importantly, what would my friends think? I realize now how foolish I was back then, but to a kid who liked to be liked and felt like he had trouble fitting in, what people thought of me was important. I didn’t stop looking for God, but I became less confident that I’d actually find Him or that if I did he would actually care to save me.

Then, when I was eleven, I became enmeshed and entangled in a sin that I still struggle with even to this day. I didn’t know it at first, but that sin was to become the single most dominating factor in my life. it came first to influence and then fuel almost every thought and desire that I possessed. actually, in all reality it came to possess me, but I fought it knowing because of the Bible that it was wrong. I wasn’t completely without conscience. but for the most part, Satan came out the victor, and I was left broken, bruised and bleeding to lick my wounds.

I grew up, got my own apartment hoping that with a change like that, things might become better. They didn’t. they got worse. I became depressed, horribly so, to the point of even considering suicide. thank God I didn’t. I felt as if I were in a dark pit with miry walls and quicksand for a bottom. The more I struggled to get out of that pit of sin and depression, the deeper I sank into it. It was at this time that I went from the conclusion that The Master Clockmaker adjusted the clock when it fell out of time to the almost sure knowledge that he took pleasure in letting it run off-kilter. Maybe there wasn’t even a God. What a laugh that would be!… Except for off and on, I became tired of fighting. I decided that it was easier to let Satan win. Still, I went to church faithfully, the entire world oblivious to the trouble in my soul. Little did I know that the sin that dominated me would be instrumental in leading me to the Foot of the Cross.

2009 came, and I had decided that year that I wanted to be a Filmmaker. It was only natural seeing that I enjoyed films and my dad and mom had been involved in media at some time or another. Being a churchgoer and a (fairly) moral person, I also wanted to go to a Christian College. my Mom also wanted me to attend such a school because she was afraid of the prevalence of Sex, Booze, and Drugs that are found in a lot of secular colleges and that they might have a bad influence on me. Somehow or another, I think through a missionary, I found out that Bob Jones University had a Cinema Program. I applied, and was accepted. From there, not a lot happened that was a major influence on my spiritual condition. (Although the atmosphere and the Godly friends I’m sure were a help). Anyway, I arrived at the campus around august of ’09, Got settled in, Met my classmates, Made friends that I have till this day, and had a whole lot of good times.

Fast forward to sophomore year…

We now come to the Epicenter of my meeting God.

 It started with being assigned my Sophomore Platform. from the start, everything went wrong. I just seemed like I couldn’t to pull it together no matter how hard I tried, no matter what I did. I became stressed out. I felt overwhelmed by the whole project. on top of that my besetting sin was bearing down on me harder than before. I refused to be helped though, I need to do it all by myself. or so I thought……

One day though, second semester, I just couldn’t take the stress, the pressure or the depression any longer. I had contemplated suicide before, but this time I was actually serious about it. I wondered how I might bring about my blissful end. the most logical decision was an overdose of my heart meds. I would just pass out and not wake up again. I’m not sure what held me back ( in hindsight I believe fully it was God) but I decided to wait until after 11 O’clock chapel. I don’t even remember what the message was about, but it really Got me. I don’t remember how or when I got back to my dorm room, but I remember sitting there thinking about how messed up my life had become. I had tried to do my own thing, to order my own life, and I had made a miserable, burning wreck of it. I realized I could do nothing by myself. That all that I did would end up in destruction. I needed God. I needed the Blood of Christ that washeth away all sin. Only through God could my life actually amount to Something. Only if I was not proud, and allowed God to do his work and His will in my life could I actually achieve true victory. So I prayed, and told Him all that. I told him I couldn’t do anything with my life, that I needed Him, and I was willing, FINALLY WILLING, to let Him do His Work in me. When I finished praying and from that day on I knew I was saved. Just as sure as I know I have a heart, Just as sure as I know I breathe air, I know My Saviour lives inside my heart.

I still struggle with Sin. I still struggle with depression. But I know now that Christ has died for me, That he gained the victory over Death, Hell and the Grave, That he overcame temptation in the wilderness, and that through him I can have the same victory.

In closing, I want to ask you if you know Christ? Not in your head, But in your Heart. It is not enough to know Christ died for you, that he rose from the grave, That he gives power to those that believe, Or that he is returning again for us. The Pharisees knew he was the Messiah, yet they still rejected Him. You have to be willing to humble yourself. You have to be willing to submit to Him. You must step aside from the door to your heart and allow him to come in and change it. Only then will you be Saved and only then will you have the Victory. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter if you go to church or not. It doesn’t matter if you are a moral person or not. It doesn’t matter if you are a Pastor, Deacon, Teacher or Layman, you are still going to hell because you refuse to allow God to help you. don’t be stupid, LET HIM IN!!!

 Then you will know what it means to be Saved….

    To be Free….

      To See…..

Experience His Amazing Grace!!!





                                 Before the World,

    Aye, before sleepy, faithless, namby-pamby     

Christian world, We will Dare to trust our God.

        We will Venture Our all For Him.

     We will live and We will Die for Him,

       And we will do it with his Joy unspeakable

             Singing aloud in our hearts!


~C.T. Studd, Missionary to cannibals in Africa.